An elegant, refined sensory experience and a commitment to quality without compromise – this is what the new take on oriental cuisine is all about.
Welcome to China at its most authentic and aristocratic. Come with us on a journey into China’s culture, taste and style – it is a trip that is sure to satisfy both your soul and your palate.

In 2010, this became the first restaurant in Milan offering regional Chinese haute cuisine. Here, diners can learn to appreciate authentic oriental cuisine, coming to recognise the local provenance of various recipes, and discovering their history, legends and traditions.


Regional Chinese cuisine

At the dinner table with the traditional dishes of the “badacaixi”, the eight gastronomic regions of China.

Reflecting the heterogeneous culture of the country, Chinese cooking cannot be reduced to a few single specialities. Indeed, today the country excels for the incredible variety of dishes that each of its regions can offer.

“Since the opening of our restaurant, back in 2010, we have endeavoured to offer cuisine based on fresh ingredients of the highest quality – in other words, a culinary experience that is as “high” as possible, devoid of misleading clichés. Our aim was to allow Italian diners to appreciate authentic Chinese cuisine, and our meeting with Professor Francesco Boggio Ferraris of the Italy-China Foundation resulted in the launch of a cultural and gastronomic project that has been ongoing for two years and has now led to the creation of our first menu showcasing regional specialities”.

Chef Zhang Guoqing